Delhi Police and Health Officials Unable to Find the Chain of 191 Corona Patients, Infection May Spread at Horrible Level !

New Delhi : Coronavirus infection is increasing day by day and there is a greater possibility of trouble. According to government figures, the number of corona patients has reached 1707 by Friday. Out of this, 1080 patients are associated with Jamaat, while there are 353 cases of local people. In this, 83 people also includes who have travelled to Delhi from abroad, but police has not been able to find the chain of 191 patients. How these people came under the grip of Coronavirus infection has not been known yet. Delhi government officials are talking to these patients. An official said that many people are not even giving complete information and many have even forgotten where they went before getting sick.

Need to Track : A doctor at Safdarjung Hospital said, “In Delhi, there are many patients from other states and there are mistakes in recording and maintaining their details. The number is not worrying, but it definitely needs to be tracked. Such cases were also reported during the outbreak of swine flu. This time too many patients had not given accurate information to the hospital.”

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