Mother Lost the Battle of Life to Coronavirus, Last Whatsapp Chat With Daughter will Make You Emotional (VIDEO)

New York : Coronavirus is seeing the most impact in America. Doctors are working continuously for the sick people due to increasing infection of Coronavirus. There are also some doctors who got infected by coming in contact with these people and they died. One such doctor is Madhavi Aya who promised to meet her daughter soon. However, she lost the battle of life to the deadly Coronavirus.

Madhavi Aya of Indian origin was working as an American medical assistant at the Woodhall Medical Center in the fight against Corona. She was encouraging people to fight against Corona. But, suddenly she herself was hit by the Coronavirus. She was admitted to Woodhall Medical Center on Long Island on March 18 after being infected and died 11 days later.

Madhavi Made Shocking Revelation Before She Died –
Madhavi had told her husband and daughter in the message that she was treating patients infected with the coronavirus. During this time, she told a shocking thing that she has been given only one surgical mask from the hospital. This mask is inadequate to protect against airborne infection. In such a situation, family members feel that Madhvi may have been caught by the Coronavirus in the hospital itself.

Last Talk of Mother and Daughter –
Madhavi Aya’s 18-year-old daughter Minoli Aya has shared a WhatsApp conversation with her mother in the last days after her mother’s death. Her daughter Minoli had messaged, “I miss you. Please don’t give up hope because I haven’t given up. I want my mother. You have to come back to me soon.” However Madhavi could not complete her promise and she She left this world. In response to the message of her daughter Minoli, Madhavi wrote that love you, mother will be back soon. But, Madhavi could not fulfill her promise.

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