Man in Lockdown Seeks Permission to Visit Another Wife, Says He is Surrounded by Same Wife

New Delhi : A strange situation arose in front of a police officer in a radio station in Dubai when a listener asked a strange question. In fact, like other countries, people have been asked to live in self-quarantine due to Coronavirus. The listener asked if he could be allowed to live in the house of both his wives in turn during the quarantine. Since there are people being kept in the house and the outside areas are being sanitized, the person said that he is surrounded by the same wife.



The person making the call stated that he is married to two women. He asked for permission to go to his both wives’ home whenever he wanted. Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazrui laughed at the man’s question. He is also the director of the traffic department there. He said that he could make excuses in front of his second wife by speaking of not getting permission for visiting her.

However, the brigadier refused to allow this, because the government there said that people can only go out for essential things. He said that he gets such phone calls daily and people are allowed to leave only once. They can use it only to buy essential things or to do any necessary work.

Brigadier told that the areas which used to take 1 week to sanitize earlier, now only takes one day. There have been around 2500 Coronavirus cases in the UAE so far.

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