Indian Meteorological Department Predicts Normal Rainfall This Year, Releases First Estimate of Monsoon


New Delhi : The Indian Meteorological Department has released the first estimate for the southwest monsoon this year i.e. 2020 and according to the Meteorological Department, this year the country may get normal rain during the monsoon season. According to the Meteorological Department, this year it is more likely to rain 96-104 percent. If it is 96-104 percent rainy in the monsoon season, it is called normal monsoon.

According to the Meteorological Department, this year, there is a 41 percent chance that it will rain 96–104 percent during the monsoon season, 21 percent is likely to be 104–110 percent rainy and 9 percent is more than 110 percent rainy. However, 20 percent chance of rain is 90-95 percent and 9 percent probability of rain is less than 90 percent.

In the monsoon season, if the rainfall is between 96-104 per cent, it is called normal monsoon, if the rainfall is 104-110 per cent, it is said to be more than normal and more than 110 per cent is considered as excess monsoon. On the other hand, if the rainfall is between 90-95 percent, then it is considered to be below normal monsoon and in case of rain less than 90 percent is declared drought-prone. This means that this year, it is most likely to be normal or more rainy.

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