Corona Special Hospital Constructed in 15 Days in Pune, 70 Patients Shifted

Pune : Maharashtra is witnessing the maximum impact of Coronavirus, which is spreading rapidly in the country. The number of patients infected with the coronavirus in Maharashtra has reached 2,684, while 178 people have lost their lives so far. Amidst all this, it has been reported that the first Corona Special Hospital in Maharashtra is ready in Pune. Construction of this 11-storey building in the Sassoon Hospital complex was going on since 2008. This hospital was supposed to take one year to be completed, but due to the severity of coronavirus, it was completed in 15 days. This hospital has a facility of 700 beds. On Monday, more than 70 corona patients were also shifted here.

PWD Superintendent Rajendra Rahane said that when we started work on this building once again in March, there was many work left in it like plaster, painting, lift, water system. After seeing the severity of coronavirus in the country and its serious consequences seen in Maharashtra, its work was done on a war footing. Firstly, work was intensified on fire fighting arrangements, underground pipelines, water pipelines, medical gas pipelines and other similar arrangements in this building.

There was a lot of difficulty in working due to the lockdown. Employees doing all these work were unable to leave their homes due to lockdown. In such a situation, the responsibility of bringing and carrying all the employees was taken. It is said that within 9 days, the oxygen supply system was set up in the entire hospital. After this, a new transformer was also installed to air-condition the entire building. This 11-floor building was given an electric connection within 36 hours.

Ventilators are installed
At present, 40 ventilators have been arranged in Sassoon Hospital Complex. Corona patients are given ventilator support in case of difficulty in breathing. On Monday, 70 corona patients have been shifted to this hospital. In such a situation, currently, these 40 ventilators are enough for them.

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