Vodka is the Medicine for Corona, No One will Die – Said This President

The President of Belarus, who described vodka as a drug of Coronavirus, has made another peculiar claim. Alexander Lukashenko has said that no one has died in his country from Corona nor will anyone die. However, in Belarus officially the number of deaths from coronavirus is more than two dozen.

Not only this, on Coronavirus, Alexander has said that this disease can be cured by drinking vodka, driving tractors, playing with goats.

Alexander is called a dictator in the British media. Alexander is also facing allegations that he is ignoring the warnings of doctors and human rights activists and is not taking the Coronavirus seriously. A large number of people may die from this.

President Alexander has refused to impose the lockdown and addressed the 95 million people of the country, saying- ‘We have discovered the drugs that help people recover from Corona.’

65-year-old Alexander has been in power in the country for more than 25 years. However, he did not elaborate which medicines he is talking about to cure corona disease. But he said that people are scared. That is why he told people that no one died of corona in the country.

Addressing the people suffering from Coronavirus, President Alexander said – ‘There is no need to worry. In our country, no one has died due to coronavirus. I am saying this publicly.

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