Lose Half a Kg to 2 Kg Weight in One Day, Baba Ramdev’s Home Remedies can Help You

Mumbai : Increasing weight continues to be a common problem these days. The biggest reason for this is the changing and lazy lifestyle. The problem of obesity is increasing in people due to wrong eating. Due to which many other problems are also surrounding you. The country has a lockdown due to the coronavirus. Because of which people are doing work from home. In such a situation, zero physical activity is done, it is becoming a cause of obesity. In such a situation, if you follow a little yoga and the right diet to lose weight, then you can save yourself from taking many medicines or surgery.

According to Baba Ramdev, people whose metabolism is not proper face obesity problems. Through yoga, you keep your body healthy as well as it helps in reducing belly fat and weight. You go to the gym to lose weight, but through yoga and good diet, you can easily lose weight at home.

According to Baba Ramdev, you can reduce your weight by about half a kg to 2 kg in a day if you follow these steps and yogasanas.

Must Follow These –

– Drink a glass of warm water first after you wake up in the morning
– Have Bottle Gourd juice
– Avoid Junk Food & Oily Foods
– Eat more of green vegetables
– Eat fruits (if you have back pain or joint pain problem, avoid eating citrus fruits)

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Do This Yoga for Weight Loss –

Tadasana – Do at least 20-25 minutes daily.

Trikonasana – Do this Yogasana with long breaths. This should be done for 15-20 minutes.
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Pad Hastasana – Do this 15-20 minutes daily. This will help in reducing the whole body fat.

Paschim Utthan – This yoga should also be done about 15-20 times. This will help to het rid of belly fat.

Surya Namaskar – By doing this yoga, along with your weight loss, the whole body will remain healthy.
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Ardha Chakraasana – The posture of this asana is like half wheel. This will reduce your weight to a great extent. With this, you will get relief from every pain in the body.

Chakki Chalasana – By doing this asana, you will get rid of the fat stored in the waist, abdomen and hip.

Kapalbhati – Kapalbhati is considered to be effective for every disease. By doing this asana, the digestive system along with the fat of the stomach will be reduced.
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Uttanapadasana – By doing this asana, muscles will get pressure. Along with reducing weight, it is also helpful to get abs.

Pawanmuktasan – By doing this asana, you will get rid of the fat stored in the stomach. With this, the problem of constipation, acidity will come to an end.

Shavasana – By doing this asana, the mind will remain calm.

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