Maulana Saad’s Reply to Crime Branch – ‘I am in Self-Quarantine, will Answer Rest of the Questions Later’

In the Marklaj of Tabligi Jamaat located in Nizamuddin area of Delhi, the statement of Maulana Saad, accused of mobilizing the people by violating rules, has come. Maulana Saad has responded to the notice of the crime branch. He replied that he is in Self Quarantine.

The Crime Branch had asked 26 questions to Maulana Saad. Maulana Saad has sent the answers to these questions. Maulana Saad has said that he is currently in self-quarantine and Markaz is closed. So when Markaz opens, he will answer the remaining questions.

Delhi Police has filed a lawsuit against 6 people including Maulana Saad for the corona spread from the crowd gathered at the event in Markaz in March. Although Maulana Saad is still absconding. Attempts are being made for arrest.

It is worth mentioning that on 2nd April, Maulana Saad released his audio, in which he said that he is in isolation. He appealed to his supporters and Muslims not to gather crowds following the government order. However, in an audio released earlier, Maulana was talking about nothing worsening the disease and going to mosques to offer Namaz.

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