‘Shoot Those who Do Not Follow the Lockdown’ – Orders the President of ‘This’ Country

New Delhi : Coronavirus has now spread to amlmost entire world. Methods to prevent this virus are being researched in the country and abroad. Somewhere curfew has been ordered and some countries are under lockdown. Meanwhile a big news is coming out. Indeed, the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte has given a controversial statement.

The President has said that those who do not follow the lockdown imposed for the coronavirus, shoot them immediately. Rodrigo Duterte told the security forces of his country that this is a warning for the whole country. At this time follow the orders of the government. Do not harm any health worker, doctor. This would be a serious crime. Therefore, I order the police and security forces that anyone who creates problems in lockdown should be shot immediately.

This is not the first time Rodrigo Duterte has ordered to shoot. Earlier in 2016-17, the President ordered drug dealers to be killed without any legal action. According to a report, more than 2311 people are currently infected with the corona virus in the Philippines. However, 96 people have died.

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