Why Anger After a Fight Becomes the Reason of ‘WILD SEX’ for Few Couples?

Pune : In the relationship between Husband-Wife or Girlfriend-Boyfriend, minor conflicts are common, but sometimes the fight between the couple uncontrolls their anger for each other. After the fight with the partner, sometimes you must have been so angry that you lost control over yourself. It is said that for sex i.e. physical relationships, it is necessary for couples to have love and dedication towards each other, otherwise sex cannot be enjoyed in the right way. Many people prefer to do wild sex to make the sex experience thrilling, but did you know that after a fight with a partner, the person’s anger provokes him for wild sex.

Surprising to know, but it is true that some people get more wild in anger and have sex. Let’s know what really happens to your body when you are angry with your partner. After all, why do you like having wild sex in anger.

What happens in your body when you are angry?
When you are angry, that is, you get some emotional and hormonal changes in your body. When fighting with your partner, there is a sudden influx of emotions in the body, which can also trigger the nervous system. Anger probably does not always provoke excitement in favor of sex, but sometimes the inundation of emotions can send a signal to your brain, which can be considered as sexual excitement. Some people may have a tendency to be provocative just to see their partner getting angry.

Usually, your body is not stimulated by fear, anxiety or disturbance, because your brain does not get signals from your nervous system. Although many people get emotional in anger. In this case, hormones also play an important role. Anger sets your body system in an adrenaline rush, due to which your heartbeat may increase and sexual excitement may increase, but this does not happen with everyone.

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