Corona Could be a Chimera of 2 Different Viruses, Genome Matches 96% with Bats, 99% with Pangolins

New Delhi : Coronavirus has caused panic all over the world. Thousands of people are dying every day. The whole world is troubled by this epidemic. Scientists are trying to find various discoveries about this. So that the way to avoid this epidemic can be found. So far it remains a mystery to scientists that where the corona originated, from which animal, this virus reached man. However, a lot of research has been done since then and is still going on.

Corona virus spread by bats, pangolins or any other animal?
Some research has found similarities in the genome of the corona with the genome of the virus found in the body of the pangolin, and in some. A third possibility is suggested that the corona may be a third form composed of a combination of two types of viruses. The US and China have accused each other of spreading the virus. Initially, the corona virus was said to come from bats in humans. Recently, in a research published in the prestigious medical research journal Nature, researchers claimed that pangolin, a trafficked animal in China, had found viruses that matched the corona. The use of mammal pangolin in China for meat and traditional medicines is the most illegal trafficking. Some scientists also believe that bats may be the original sources of the corona virus and that the virus was transmitted to humans through another organism.

Corona is not a living organism, but a protein molecule?
A research conducted at John Hopkins University states that the virus is not a living organism, but a protein molecule (DNA). According to a report, the virus is surrounded by a layer of fat, which changes its genetic code after being absorbed by the cells of the eye, nose or buccal mucosa (a type of oral cancer). This turns them into aggressive and multiplier cells. Being a protein molecule, it does not die, but it decays.

It is also being speculated about the corona that two different viruses have infected one organism at a time and then the combination of both viruses has created a third virus i.e. a chimera. The genome of the corona virus found in bats matches 96 percent of the new coronavirus, while the genome found in pangolins matches 99 percent.

The new Coranavirus is the result of a gradual development. According to scientists, when the infected animal came in contact with humans, the disease spread in it. The link between the spread of this disease is being seen first among the workers of China’s wild life and meat market. According to a scientist, when the new virus is better understood in the body of a corona-infected patient, then the situation will be clear about its spread.

Experts also believe that SARS Coronavirus-2 may be a third virus composed of viruses found in both bats and pangolins.

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