Ashamed! Daughter Kicked Aged Father Out of the House Amid Lockdown

Kanpur : Due to the corona virus pandemic, where people are walking hundreds of kilometers to their homes, in Kanpur, a daughter expelled the elderly father from the house. When the father was leaving the house and going on the road, the policemen stopped. When he told the incident to the police, the policemen also shed tears and reached his house with him. The police gave strict instructions to the daughter and his wife to be ready for action if they do it again.

To reduce the ill effects of the Corona epidemic, a lockdown has been announced in Kanpur along with the entire country. Unless necessary, no person can get out and the police is also taking action. Meanwhile, a 70-year-old man was walking on foot near Gurudev Palace, on which the policemen first asked where he was roaming for so long and asked him to go back home.

When the elderly started crying, the police understood the matter and asked him his name. His name is Chunni Lal Joshi and address Vinayakpur. The elderly said that daughter Anuradha Joshi and wife have kicked him out of the house. On this, policemen also became emotional and SI Kalyanpur Police Station Ravi Shankar Tripathi asked him in detail and fed him food.

After this, he was dropped home in police jeep, where police talked to his wife and daughter and gave strict instructions to his wife and daughter that now do not make such mistake or else action will be taken. The officer told that the information about the entire matter has been given in the police station and the elderly will be monitored. If he is harassed again, strict action will be taken

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