Impossible to Control Coronavirus in India with 21 Days’ Lockdown

Mumbai : The whole world is fighting a war against an unseen enemy. Policymakers and researchers are searching for solutions to estimate the spread and impact of corona virus day and night. So far, the Novel Corona virus has proved to be difficult to control. Two scholars of Indian origin from Cambridge University have prepared a new mathematical model. This model estimates that the current 21-day lockdown in India does not make it possible to control the virus.

A model prepared by Rajesh Singh and R Adhikari of Cambridge University’s Center for Mathematical Science indicates a unique dimension of India’s social interaction. Citing this, he argues that due to India’s social structure, the virus can behave differently here than in China and Italy. The model has compared India, China and Italy by number of cases, age-wise distribution, social contact structure.

The model identified the nature of typical Indian homes as the reason for the infection to spread over three generations. The number of such contacts is less in China as compared to India, while in Italy it is negligible.

In Germany, the use of the social interaction framework has been the mainstay in strategizing against Covid-19. Germany has one of the lowest death rates in the Coronavirus crisis in Europe. In simple language, Germany has ensured that grandparents, who are most likely to be infected, stay away from the younger generation. Because the infection can spread rapidly to others through the younger generation.

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