Karnataka Man Suspicious of Being a Corona Positive Hangs Himself 

Udupi : There has been a panic in the country and abroad due to Coronavirus. Many rumors have also been spread regarding this. PM Modi has also recently appealed not to pay any heed to the ongoing rumors about Corona, just stay at home, be careful and alert. Meanwhile, a shocking news has emerged from Karnataka. According to the information, a 57-year-old man from Udupi, Karnataka, committed suicide by hanging himself because he suspected that he had become a victim of corona virus.

According to the information, the person has also left a suicide note before hanging. It states that he is infected with the corona virus and is therefore committing suicide. He also asked his family members to get their tests done. According to the information given by the police, the man hanged on the tree outside the house.

In the case, the police say that he was not in the list of those who were asked to stay in the house. Also he  did not have symptoms of coronavirus. Currently, the body is under postmortem to check for the coronavirus infection.

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