35 Companies Working Day&Night on Corona Vaccines to Protect World from Covid-19, Trial Started

London : With millions of people infected with the corona virus, the whole world is currently waiting for vaccine to escape the corona virus. Around 35 pharma companies and institutions around the world are engaged in making vaccines. Four companies have also started testing their vaccines on animals.

The Science General of the American Association of Advancement in Science (AAAS) has reported that Boston’s biotech company Moderna Therapeutics, along with the National Institute of Allergy and Infection Disease, is at the forefront of making vaccines through an internal safety trial.

The company said it plans to distribute vaccine to health care workers by September this year. Moderna has shared little information about the technology he has developed. This unprecedented pace of vaccine production stems from treatment of the genetic sequence of SAARC-Cove-2 in China, which is the leading cause of the corona virus.

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