Coronavirus : Why Sad if Alone, See Positive Pictures of the World During Self Quarantine

Mumbai : More than 4.5 lakh people are infected due to Corona virus all over the world right now. 18963 people have died. Lockdown is going on in many countries. There are so many people who are living alone. Loneliness in lockdown can disturb you. But there is no need to panic. We will show you the pictures of those countries of the world where people are fighting the battle with Corona virus alone.

The market in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is closed, but this man had to leave for some essential goods. What to do? In the Philippines, 636 people are sick due to corona. A total of 38 people have died.

This picture is of the railway station in New South Wales, Australia where a single girl is standing. She has to travel from New South Wales to Sydney. In Australia, about 2362 people are infected with Corona. So far 8 people have died.

This man is working alone in an office in Belgrade city of Serbia. Tired of working, he slept on the desk. So far in Serbia, more than 300 people have been infected with Corona. However, 2 people have lost their lives.

The man sitting alone outside the Shakespeare Head restaurant on Carnaby Street, London, the capital of Britain, is lost in himself. In Britain, 8077 people are currently infected with Corona. About 422 people have died.

Sitting on the roof of his apartment in Rome, Italy, this person is breathing fresh air. Italy has the highest number of 6820 deaths due to corona virus in the world. Around 70 thousand people are infected with Corona here.

The man who arrived alone in the Notre-Dam Church of Senegal is praying to the Lord that the epidemic be cured quickly. So that people can gather in the church again. There are currently 67 Corona-infected people in Senegal. However, no one has died yet.

In a game center in Bangkok, Thailand, this person is driving away the fear of Corona by playing the game alone. Maybe he is the owner of this center. There are 934 Corona-infected people in Thailand, while 4 people have died.

Sergio Antonio Peria, a PhD student at the University of Sao Paulo, the capital of Brazil, is engaged in his thesis work alone. In Brazil, 2201 people have been infected with Corona, while 46 people have died.

In the morning, in front of the National Mall of the US capital, Washington DC, this lonely person is paying attention to his health. US has more than 53 thousand patients of Corona. Apart from this, 711 people have died.

This woman is alone in front of Castle St.Angelo in Rome, Italy. But she is completely enjoying. In Italy, the situation is very bad due to Corona virus.

The local train which are known as Lifeline of Mumbai in India has stopped. A lone railway employee is lying in this train and talking to someone. So far 587 people in India have got corona infection. However, 11 people have died.

This person is lonely and specially-abled and crossing 42nd Street near Times Square in New York, the beautiful city of America. But not afraid of Corona.

Walking alone on this bridge of Prague, the beautiful city of the Czech Republic, this man will rarely see this city with such beauty. In the Czech Republic, 1497 people have been infected with Corona, as well as 3 people have died.

This woman walking on Mariuccia Street in Poland would never have found this road so empty. Usually this road is very crowded. In Poland, 927 people are sick with Corona. Apart from this, 12 people have died.

This man has went out alone to visit Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto, Canada. So far 1959 people have fallen ill due to Corona virus in Canada. 27 people have lost their lives here.

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