Big Breaking News : Another Death in the Country Due to Corona, 5 New Cases in Delhi

Bhopal : The number of corona patients is continuously increasing all over the country. So far 605 confirmed cases have been found. At the same time, another death has occurred due to coronavirus in Madhya Pradesh, after which this epidemic has killed total 12 people in the country so far.

Maharashtra and Kerala are the most affected by Corona. 112 cases have been reported in Maharashtra and 105 in Kerala. In view of the increasing cases of Corona, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a 21-day lockdown. This lockdown is implemented from today and will run till 14 April.

Due to this lockdown, offices, markets, public transport are all closed. The Prime Minister has clearly stated that no one in this country will step out of house for these 21 days. Only life saving services will continue during this period.

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