Priyanka asks UP Congress workers to help people

New Delhi/Lucknow, March 24 (IANS): Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi has urged the party workers in Uttar Pradesh to help people without any prejudice in the wake of lockdown due to coronavirus. In a letter to the district and city party presidents, she said as the country was reeling under the Covid-19 spread, it’s the time to be aware and help each other.

She urged the party workers to make a WhatsApp group and ask any person with Covid-19 symptoms to go for test.”If any Congress worker comes to know of any infected person, he should inform the departments concerned, and make a list of people old and ill people to help them,” Priyanka wrote.

She said people should be reached through WhatsApp and other means to make them aware of coronavirus. “You should take utmost care that no rumour is spread,” the Congress leader said. She also urged them to help the administration in implementing the lockdown.


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