Marks on Disha Patani’s Back, is it Love Bites? Know the Truth of Viral Video

Mumbai : The life of Bollywood stars look very attractive. Lots of money and a lot of amazing fun. But for all this, they have to do a lot of hard work and a lot of hard work. Many hours of continuous shooting, continuous traveling without rest and daily workouts without gaping. Apart from this, there is also a lot of physical and mental stress in the life of celebs and sometimes they also take different therapies for this.

To handle this stress, Disha Patni once took the cup therapy. This therapy left traces of those cups on her back as she was given vacuum pressure. Disha did not pay attention the next day and arrived at an event wearing a backless dress. Here, paparazzi took a lot of pictures of her, in which the marks of cups were clearly visible. Disha was also trolled for this.



However, she is not the only actress who had to face such a situation. Urvashi Rautela and Bani J have also gone through this situation. They had also taken such therapy to reduce stress, but similarly, the scars were left on their back, due to which they had to face a strange situation. This type of therapy is given to reduce backpain and mental stress.

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