‘Hanta Virus’ Knocks in China After Corona, One Died

New Delhi : China has not yet been able to get out of the grip of Coronavirus completely now that there are reports of a new virus outbreak. According to the Chinese government media institute Global Times, a new virus has spread in the Yunnan province of China. One person has died due to this. The name of the virus is Hanta virus. Photograph of the Hanta virus has been  released by the US Center for Disease and Control.

According to the Global Times, the person suffering from Hanta virus was returning from the bus to Shandong province. Then the virus was detected during the investigation of Corona. There were a total of 32 people on this bus. All passengers were investigated. There has been an uproar on social media after the information was out.

According to the US Center for Disease and Control, the Hanta virus is found in the feces, urine, and sputum of mice. This infects humans when rats release it into the air. Hanta virus enters the body through the breath.


In its initial symptoms, humans feel cold and have fever. After this, muscle pain starts. Dry cough comes after one to two days. Victim suffers from head ache. Vomiting starts. There is difficulty in breathing.

Now in China, a large number of people are tweeting and fearing that it might become an epidemic like the coronavirus. People are saying that if the people of China do not stop eating animals alive then this will continue to happen.

In China, there is a tradition of eating animals. People also eat rats. In such a situation, the possibility of this disease remains constant. It spreads to humans by coming in contact with a rat or squirrel.

Hanta virus does not pass from one person to another but if a person touches their eyes, nose and mouth after touching the feces, urine, etc. of mice then there is an increased risk of getting infected with the Hanta virus.

According to the CDC, the virus is fatal. The case of Hanta virus in China has come at a time when the whole world is struggling with the epidemic of Corona virus originating from Wuhan. The coronavirus has spread all over the world till now.

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