Coronavirus : Not a Easy Victim if You can Hold Breath for 10 Seconds? Know What’s the Truth

New Delhi : Coronavirus has created panic all over the world. Everyone is looking for ways to escape from this. Some are using masks and some are trying to protect themselves by continuous hand wash. Meanwhile, a news on social media has gained attention. On social media, many users are claiming that if a person can hold his breath for a full 10 seconds, then his body is not vulnerable to coronavirus.

Many rumors have been spread on social media about Corona so far. The government has also appealed to ignore it. According to the similar rumor, if a person does not have a difficulty like cough, sour throat or any other problem after holding their breath for 10 seconds, then that person is perfectly fine. It was told in a post on Facebook on 13 March.

Now on this news, Dr. Faheem Yunus, Chief Quality Officer of the University of Maryland, has said something. Dr. Faheem has described such claims being made on social media as mere rumor. He has told that there are many corona virus victims all over the world who are able to hold their breath for more than 10 seconds. On the other hand, many elderly people cannot hold their breath for so long even when they do not suffer corona virus.

The number of corona patients in India has reached 511 while 10 people have died. The most affected states are Maharashtra and Kerala. So far 101 cases have been reported in Maharashtra and 95 in Kerala.

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