Beijing’s Leading Doctor Warns About the Rise of Coronavirus Danger Again in China

Wuhan : In China, new cases of infection with the corona virus have reached zero, but a leading doctor of the country has warned that the Coronavirus infection may increase again. China’s top Coronavirus expert  Professor Li Lanjuan has said that she is very worried. Now cases can increase due to infected person coming from abroad.

According to the Daily Mail report, Dr Li, who lives in Beijing, says that the country is facing a pandemic for the second time due to cases coming from abroad. He says that once again a large number of people can get infected.

On Sunday, the infection was detected in a local man and a person returning from abroad in Guangzhou, China. A person was infected after coming in contact with a woman coming from Turkey.

Doctor Li’s warning came at a time when after nearly 2 months of very strict lockdown, the city of Wuhan of China is slowly moving towards normal life. Wuhan itself was the most affected by the infection.

So far, more than 81 thousand people have been infected with the Coronavirus in China. While near to 3200 people have died. After China, infections are increasing daily worldwide. However, the number of new cases in China has decreased.

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