4 Best Watches For Outdoor And Adventure

Npnes24 : If you are the kind of person who would rather have an adventure like hiking to mountains, surfing on waves or even travel often, then you will surely need a watch that best fits for your experience. You can’t just wear any watches because maybe it is not waterproof, or maybe it is not shockproof, right? Always know what you are wearing and if that timepiece fits you.


Here are the examples of timepiece that will surely suit your adventurous lifestyle from the most practical to the smartest watch that you can have. These perfect watches will surely take you wherever you want to go.

G-Shock “G-Steel” Series

The first one is the G-Shock. The G-Shock “G-Steel” model is one of the boldest models that have been ever made by their company, and that is its most significant attribute. It has solar power energy, so you will never have to worry about the watch running out of battery. Whenever you are climbing in the mountains and keeping up with time is essential because you should always know when you guys should rest or keep going to your adventure.


The other benefit of having this is that it is shock resistant and also two hundred meters water-resistant. Doing your adventures, you might encounter accidents like falling while climbing or even fall from a river while trekking. So having these watches, they will not get easily be broken or destroyed.


Omega Speedmaster


When having an adventurous life, I think having an Omega Speedmaster watch is the best thing that you can have. You are after it’s futuristic beauty, and this is way if you compare it to other watches. Omega watch price is high compare to other watches, but this one is still considered one of the best watches to have.


 What you will love about this watch is it has a great fit, they can be used underwater, and it has one of the most useful complications, a chronograph. It has 50 meters rated depth so this is a good watch for your adventure.


Apple Watch Sport

Apple watch sport is also considered one of the best watches also because of it’s simplicity and minimalist style. I can consider this watch as a failsafe option. I would consider buying this instead of an apple watch because, of course, apple watches are extremely expensive compared to Apple Watch Sport. They have the same exact innards. The only thing that differs them is the external materials that are on them. 


This is also one good accessory if you want to track down your heart rate. So if you are on an adventure of a lifetime, you would know what is happening with your heart rate, how many minutes have you been walking and you can keep track of how many steps you have been doing for the whole day.


Tissot Seastar Automatic Chronograph


The Tissot Seastar Automatic Chronograph gives you pleasure when you are out on an adventure in the water and on dry land. All their models are equipped with a helium valve, which allows it to depressurize the watch wherever they need to. That means your watch has no limitations and wherever you are you are not worried about the watch’s condition.




Watches are the most convenient way to tell the time, owning one keeps you punctual rather than relying on your phone to tell the time. When you are having an adventure, you might not need to look at your phone when you are climbing or even swimming on rivers, right? 


I can also consider a watch very functional because compared to a smartphone, watches can operate longer in the field. Why do you think soldiers use wristwatches to tell the time rather than have a phone on them, right? And also, the amount of energy it can give to you, some watches are self-powered compared to a phone that only has eight-hour battery life.


When going outdoor or having an adventure, always have a watch that fits you the most. You can also make this your personal style when doing your outdoor hobbies. Pick one of these watches that is mentioned here, and you will see the difference between having one or not having one.

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