Kartik Aryan Thanked Heroes in a Different Style, Asked Fans to Salute Heroes

Mumbai : npnews24 : While on the one hand the whole world is caught by dreaded corona virus, on the other hand, its fear in India is increasing day by day. Meanwhile, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had urged the people that everyone would come out of their house and clap at 5 pm for 5 minutes on the day of Janata curfew to encourage those people who are constantly engaged in service to the country on the fear of Corona virus. Bollywood stars also took part in it. Actor Kartik Aryan has also shared a very unique and cute picture of him.

Kartik Aryan has shared a lovely picture of him, which will bring smile on anyone’s face. Kartik Aryan has a vessel on his head like a hat and is seen smiling holding the plate and spoon.

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