No lockdown in Delhi as of now, says Kejriwal

New Delhi, March 21 (IANS): Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday said there is no plan for a lockdown in the city as of now, but the government may go for it if needed, as he limited the public gatherings to five people.”More than five people will not be allowed to gather at one place. However, if they gather, there should be a distance of one meter between them. Even in a queue, keep one-metre distance,” Kejriwal said.

He said this was the only way the people can save themselves from coronavirus. “No one else can. Follow all the instructions of the government.”He said there is no plan to “lock down” the city. “No lockdown as of now. But of needed, we may go for it. All steps are being taken for the people’s safety.”Kejriwal said he would be holding digital-only press conferences in view of coronavirus.”All Delhi government press conferences will be conducted digitally now. It’s very important that all journalists, who are in the forefront of our battle against corona, also protect themselves as they are in a high exposure environment,” Kejriwal had said before his first digital press conference. Kejriwal said Delhi has reported 26 corona cases with one death.”Four cases were local transmission, 22 cases were of the people who came from abroad. So the local transmission is not very much in Delhi.

But we need to take precautions.”The Chief Minister said the city night shelters would also provide food to all, the homeless too can come. “There will be no questions asked.”For the homeless, we are arranging lunch and dinner in all our night shelters. This will be open to all. Anybody can come and have the meals.”He said he sincerely appeals to all senior citizens to stay indoors as far as possible. “As the most vulnerable group, we need to take special care of the elderly so that they remain free from infection. I urge you to skip your morning/evening walks for the time being.”


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