Nirbhaya’s Mother Said – Will Celebrate 20 March as Nirbhaya Day and Celebrate It as Women Security  

New Delhi : In 2012, Nirbhaya, who was a victim of gang-rape in Delhi, got justice after seven years today. Even after all the efforts, Nirbhaya’s culprits did not succeed in trying to avoid hanging. In the midnight hearing, the Supreme Court dismissed Pawan Gupta’s petition. On this decision, Nirbhaya’s mother Asha Devi expressed happiness and said that the seven-year struggle is being completed today. Nirbhaya’s mother has said that she will celebrate March 20 as Nirbhaya Day.

She said that ‘Eventually those four demons were hanged. We got justice, Nirbhaya got justice. Today will be named for our girls, our daughters. Asha Devi further said that justice was given to Nirbhaya. She thanked the President of the country and the law and order.

Nirbhaya’s mother said that today I went home straight from the Supreme Court, folded my hands in front of Nirbhaya’s photo and said, daughter, you got justice today. The way the incident happened with Nirbhaya in 2012 was very disgusting. The whole country was ashamed. Asha Devi said that the law is at the forefront. You just have to be patient.

Nirbhaya’s mother Asha Devi said that after 7 years, we have finally got justice, the people of the country have fought for Nirbhaya. Asha Devi said that the date of March 20 will be remembered in the name of Nirbhaya, the daughters of the country.

On the continuous delay, we have not separated from Nirbhaya in the last seven years, every moment we felt her pain.

She said that Nirbhaya’s grief became our struggle and we fought for justice. Asha Devi said that on March 20, she will celebrate Nirbhaya Day and celebrate it as women security.

Nirbhaya’s lawyer said that we have got justice today, just as the convicts who committed barbarism with Nirbhaya, they needed to be hanged. The lawyer said that there needs to be a change in the country’s system, because it hurts if one has to wait for seven years for justice.

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