Husband on Secret Trip with Maid to Italy Returns with Coronavirus

New Delhi : A husband cheating on his wife and going on a secret trip cost him costly. On his return from Italy, he has caught Coronavirus. The husband’s affair was revealed when he was questioned by health officials at the isolation center.

This matter is of England. According to a report by The Sun, a 30-year-old man living here was having an affair with a woman. He had gone to Italy to hang out with the woman, keeping his wife in deception.

In Italy, he became ill due to the corona virus. When he came to England, his health deteriorated. When he was checked up, he turned out to be Corona positive in the test.

Not only this, the woman who went to Italy with him was also found infected. Both patients are kept in isolation where their condition is said to be stable.

When the doctor questioned him at the isolation center, he told that he had gone to Italy to hang out with the woman, keeping his wife in deception. His wife only knew that he had gone on a business trip.

After the husband was found corona positive, his family was also put under medical supervision. But after they recovered, they were advised to stay at home.

It is known that Italy is the most affected with Coronavirus in the world after China. More than 31 thousand people were found corona positive here, out of which more than 3 thousand people have died.

Whereas, if we talk about the United Kingdom, more than 2600 cases have come here and more than a hundred people have died.

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