AP Singh’s ill Comment, What Nirbhaya was Doing at 12 o’clock in the Night

New Delhi : When Nirbhaya gang rape convicts Pawan, Vinay, Mukesh, and Akshay’s lawyer AP Singh failed to protect them this time by law, then he started speaking ill about Nirbhaya and her mother. On hearing this, the woman standing nearby gave a strong rebuke to AP Singh.

In fact, when AP Singh could not save his clients, he got angry with the judiciary, media and Nirbhaya’s mother and said, “Why did Nirbhaya’s mother Asha Devi not know where her daughter was till 12.30 pm. Her mother did not know where the daughter is, with whom her daughter is till 12.30.”

AP Singh did not stop at this and said that these things should be discarded, otherwise these things will grow a lot and will go very far. Hearing such things from AP Singh against Nirbhaya, the woman standing behind him reprimanded him and said, ‘How dare you speak like that? Why did you say this and who are you to decide someone’s character when you are out of the house at 12.30 in the night. ”

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