LIVE: Just a Few Moments Left in the Hanging, Convicts Did Not Tell the Last Wish, Did Not Even Eat Food

New Delhi : The hanging of the four convicts in the Nirbhaya rape case is now only a few moments away. After the decision of the Delhi High Court, the lawyers of the accused of Nirbhaya had reached the Supreme Court on one side. SC dismissed all the claims of lawyer AP Singh. So preparations are being made in the jail to hang the four convicts there. Just before the hanging, the four convicts are in their cell and are spending the last time in restlessness.

Only two convicts ate food

Before the hanging, only Mukesh and Vinay ate dinner out of the four convicts, but Pawan and Akshay did not eat. On the one hand, lawyer AP Singh is alleging that the culprits are not being allowed to meet the family, on the other hand, the family of the convict Mukesh last met shortly before the hanging.

The four convicts are currently kept in Tihar Jail Number 3. Of these, one convict is in ward number 1, the other convict is in the cell of ward number 7 and the remaining two convicts are in number 8 cell.

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