India Could be Corona’s Next Hotspot, Patients will Increase 15 Times in 1 Month!

New Delhi : NP NEWS 24 : A big health expert of the country has expressed fears that India may become the next big center of the corona virus. That is, after China, Italy, Iran, this infection can be very effective in India. Because of the preparations that are in India, they are less and inadequate compared to other Asian countries.

Doctor T. Jacob John has expressed this fear. Dr. John has been the former head of the Advanced Research in Virology Center of the Indian Council for Medical Research Center (ICMR). Doctor T. Jacob John has said that the weather and population of India is enough to spread the virus. Because people are running away from treatment to avoid quarantine.

Dr. T. Jacob John was also on the advisory committee of the Government of India Polio Free Campaign. Along with this, he has also been the head of the National HIV / AIDS Reference Center at Christian Medical College, Vellore. Dr. Jacob said that every week it is becoming a huge avalanche that can fall on India anytime.

Dr. T. Jacob John said that in almost every city in India, there is an area where the distance between people’s homes and people is very short. In this situation, the risk of spreading of corona virus increases further.

Dr. Jacob John warned that till now the number of corona patients is increasing at a slow pace. But by April 15, the number of corona patients will increase by 10 to 15 times. Because the steps taken on the corona virus in the country are not enough.

The current head of ICMR, Dr. Balram Bhargan, said on 17 March 2020 that the country has the capacity to check 8000 corona samples daily. But so far there is no information of virus reaching the third stage. That means, it is not spreading in the community.

The worst condition is now in Maharashtra. There are 42 people infected here. One has died. India has 420 people per square kilometer. Whereas 148 people per square kilometer live in China. If the corona virus took over in India, it would have almost three times more impact.

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