China Gives Go-Ahead to Corona Vaccine Test on Humans, America Also Started Trial

Wuhan : npnews24 : There is a possibility of control on the deadly corona virus which has killed more than 7000 people worldwide. After the US, China has also approved its scientists to test the corona virus vaccine on humans. Yesterday, the US President also gave information about the trial of Corona virus vaccine on four American volunteers. However, there is a dispute between Germany and the US over this vaccine.

According to Chinese government sources, the work of developing the corona virus vaccine has been going on in China for a long time. Now this research is at a final step. The vaccine developed by scientists is now to be tested on common people, for which the government has given its consent. This virus, which originated from China, has spread to about 150 countries. There have been more than 7000 deaths worldwide, of which almost half have occurred in China.

US President Donald Trump said that the vaccine trial has started and it is producing very good results. According to reports, now its trial on humans is also starting. The National Institute of Health Trial is funding this. Giving information about this vaccine, US President Donald Trump said, “I am happy to tell you that the first phase of the vaccine trial has started. For the first time in history, the vaccine has been made so fast. We are also developing anti-viral therapy and other treatments.”

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