World Sleep Day : Want a Good Night Sleep? Yes then Do This for Sure…

Pune : Due to poor lifestyle and not eating healthy food, the body has to face many problems. All these things affect your sleep the most. You may also suffer from many diseases due to lack of sleep. You keep sleeping throughout the day and you are not able to feel energetic either. There are some tips you can follow to get better sleep.

Do not consume caffeine late at night :
Consuming caffeine late at night should be avoided for better sleep. When you consume caffeine at night, it stimulates your nervous system and the body is unable to enter into relax mode.

Massage with oil :
Massaging the scalp regularly with tea tree oil keeps blood circulation and hair healthy and also relieves stress. Hair gets nourishment. Massaging the head with light hands leads to good sleep.

Keep your mind calm in the evening:
Many people do not sleep properly at night. To get better sleep, try to keep your mind calm from evening. Relaxing massages can improve your sleep or do meditation.

Exercise daily:
Exercise is beneficial to improve health and sleep. But do not exercise late at night or before bed, otherwise you may have trouble sleeping.

Light music and dark darkness :
If you are not feeling sleepy at night, listen to light music. Slow music has the power to calm the brain. Not only this, if you are trying to sleep in a light-filled room, then you won’t get proper sleep. If you want a good and deep sleep at night, then the room should be dark. Make it a habit for the children to sleep in the darkness from the beginning so that they do not have problems of sleeping in the future.

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