Singer Suddenly Strip at Live Concert to Protest Against Body Shaming

Popular singer Billie Elish, who won the Grammy Award, has recently filed a Protest against body shaming. She took off all her clothes at a live concert in America and gave a powerful message to the fans. In this show in Miami, Singer took off her shirt and said, ‘If I wear comfortable clothes, I am not a woman. If I take my clothes off, my character is not good. You have never seen my body, yet people will judge. But why?’

She further said, ‘You also have some opinion about me. About my music, about my clothes, about my body. People dislike what I wear. Some people praise. Some people shame others on this matter. Some people shame me. But I think I am always being watched. So your judgment, your statement for me, if I was serious about them, I would never have achieved this in life.’






Billie is the youngest singer to have performed the theme song of the James Bond film. She composed this song for James Bond’s upcoming film No Time to Die. Apart from this, Billie is the youngest singer in the world who has won four Grammy Awards in major categories. She is the second artist to do so. Billie went on to win Grammy Awards in the same year for Best New Artist, Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Album of the Year category.











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