Shocking! This Country Allows A Father to Have Physical Relation with His Daughter…

Iran : npnews24 : A law has come in Iran in the year 2013, according to which any father can marry his adopted daughter, although this law was also vehemently opposed, according to the Daily Mail, people who considered President Hassan Rohani a liberal, they had started to point fingers at his intellectual ability. In Iran, if a woman is found watching men’s football, it is considered a violation of the law, although many times women have also demonstrated against this law.

In Iran, if an 8 to 9-year-old girl commits a crime, the government there considers her not as a child but an adult and deserves punishment according to the rules. In Iran, it is considered a crime to take domesticated dogs in public, even they can be arrested. If you are in Iran and want to get a marriage license, then you have to give lectures on contraception for 1 hour.

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