‘My Husband Pressurizes Me to Sleep with His Friends & Brother’, A woman Files Complain in Bihar

Patna : npnews24 : Troubled of alcoholic husband, the wife complained to the Women’s Commission and accused her husband of serious crime. She complained that her drunken husband beats her and pressurizes to have physical relations with other relatives. The husband sometimes sent friends and sometimes the elder brother to her room to have a physical relationship. Troubled by her husband’s antics, the wife is now living with her parents. In this case, the wife complained to the Women’s Commission and pleaded for justice.

Victim maternal home is in Patna, Bihar. She is married in 2010 in Aurangabad district. After marriage she was living with her in-laws. Later, being disturbed by her husband’s antics, she left her in-laws. She has two daughters aged eight and six.

The woman  alleges that other members of the house also support her husband and beat her. They have been threatening to kill her and her daughters. The woman alleges that her husband has an illicit relationship with his widow sister-in-law, which is why he wants her to leave him. Father-in-law also wants to get her husband’s second marriage.

On the other hand, the husband has denied all these allegations. When she was accusing him in the Women’s Commission, he was present there. He dismissed all the allegations. After the intervention of the Women’s Commission, he has agreed to keep his wife and children in Patna.

The Women’s Commission is serious about the case. Commission member Neelam Sahni is hearing the case.

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