Shocking! Girl Made Her Own Rape Video, Uploads It on Internet

It is said that dignity is an attribute of a woman. But today’s society has become such that mostly women are being subjected to rape every day, every moment. A similar story has come in light in which the victim made a video of her own rape.

Sophia, a 31-year-old video artist from Australia, is currently working on a new project Dismantle Mail Power. This woman was so obsessed with working that she made a video of her own rape.

In this video you can clearly see Sophia, because she kept her face in front but the face of the rapist is not seen. In this video only the hand of the rapist is visible. This video is a total of three minutes.

The video of the rape is made by Sophia at her New York flat. Although the rapist is completely unaware of this. The incident of rape shown in this three minute video is completely true. Regarding this rape video, Sophia says that it is a part of my project. This video will be screened at the Melbourne Gallery next week.

Sophia has worked on many female-oriented issues. And all the videos that she has made so far are based on this subject. Sofia said about her video that this video will give a lesson to people with dirty mindset.

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