Husband Burned the Genitals of Wife with Hot Rod for Not Agreeing to Divorce

Churu: A shocking case has come to light in Ghantiyal, a village under the Bidasar tehsil of Churu district of Rajasthan, where a woman was held hostage by her husband, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law for eight days and her genitals were burnt with hot iron bars. Not only this, an attempt has also been made to burn the woman with the intention of killing her. The victim was held hostage in a hut, threatening to kill her daughter. The victim reached the Bidasar police station late night and filed a case.

The victim Mohanidevi Nath has said that two years ago she was married to Muninath of village Ghantiyal. During this time, her husband had a relationship with another woman. In such a situation, she had been forcefully asked to divorce, but she refused. After this, husband Muninath, brother-in-law Mahendranath and Lichhunath, father-in-law Bhanwarnath, mother-in-law Bhanwari Devi started harassing her. The victim said that for the last one month, all of them were fighting with her.

On 20th February, the five accused took her hostage in the hut. An attempt was made to burn her alive. For eight consecutive days, the victim was tortured by burning her genitals and private parts with hot iron bars. Meanwhile, the victim’s grandfather arrived to meet her, but the in-laws beat him up and drove him away. After which his grandfather, along with some others, came back to the in-laws and liberated the victim.

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