Man Slaps His Wife in Theater After Watching Thappad, Expecting She will File Divorce too

Mumbai : Anubhav Sinha’s most recent movie Thappad has been getting positive reactions from public and critics. Aside from Taapsee Pannu’s acting, the film is dealing with a sensitive issue is also being commended. It’s something many of us have heard at home, outside, with friends, in films. But how can it just be a slap? Yet, the film has been offering reverse psychology too to the watchers.

An individual named Aman Srivastava really slapped his wife in theater reasoning that she will seek legal separation yet that didn’t occur and his wife actually forgave him. Aman had taken his wife to watch Thappad on Friday and they came back with great emotions in their heart. His wife was in full admiration of Taapsee’s work and said that the film is a lesson for all the ladies out there managing brutality in relationship.

Aman, who has been having an extra marital illicit relationship tried the film’s topic to get a separation from his wife. He slapped her and believed that the issue would prompt a separation.But something opposite to this happened. His wife in reply to this said, everything which happens in movies is not necessary will happen in real.

Violence is so much a part of our way of life. Anubhav Sinha’s Thappad explores this pervasive violence and how we react to it in a nuanced, yet simple, and very powerful way.

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