Delhi Violence : ‘There May be a Deep Conspiracy Behind the Riots’ – A Delhi Police Official

New Delhi : According to the senior officer of Delhi Police, Delhi violence can be the result of a well planned conspiracy. Because the manner in which pistols and local weapons, bullets fires, such things usually do not occur in riots. According to police sources, most people have died due to bullet injuries. There are five bullets on the bodies of many corpses. Many of which have been Point Blank, shot on the forehead.

He said that it is rare to see this during the riots. Riots often result in heavy stones or arson on both sides. But the way in which the firing was carried out in the Delhi violence, about 100 people had to be hospitalized after being shot. The manner in which the rioters shot and killed on the forehead could not happen in the sudden riots. This is the reason why the police officer suspects that in these riots, people were called from outside in a planned this and then people were killed.

A Skull of Man and Legs Also Found by Police
The police officer said that a man’s leg and skull have also been found in the violence. The rest of the body is missing. In this way, the mob cannot commit violence. It seems that people outside in a planned manner were brought to Delhi and then incited violence. A few years ago, in a disturbance between two communities in Delhi’s Trilok Puri area, there was no firing in this manner. But in North East Delhi, the miscreants fired heavily.

Police sources said that recently the Special Cell had recovered a large number of illegal weapons. These weapons were brought to Delhi from MP and Uttar Pradesh. There is a need to interrogate these gang members so that the real conspiracies behind these violence can be found out.
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