Delhi : IB Officer Ankit Sharma Was Brutally Murdered – Revealed in Postmortem Report 

New Delhi : Postmortem report of IB employee Ankit Sharma killed in Delhi violence has arrived. The postmortem report has revealed marks of knife on Ankit Sharma’s body. These marks of knief have been found on Ankit Sharma’s stomach and chest. Not only this, there are many knife marks all over the body. He was brutally murdered.

Aam Aadmi Party councilor Tahir Hussain is accused of killing Ankit Sharma. A case of murder, arson and violence was also registered against him on Thursday.

Ankit Sharma’s family has held Tahir Hussain responsible for the death. According to the family, suddenly a family living in the neighborhood was calling painfully for help. Ankit came out for help after hearing the voice.

A case of murder, arson and violence was registered against Tahir Hussain, an accused in this case. Case has been filed in Dayalpur police station. At the same time, the Aam Aadmi Party has taken action against Tahir Hussain. The party has suspended him. Earlier, in a major action, Delhi Police sealed the house of Tahir Hussain located in Khajuri area. Stone, slingshot and petrol bomb were found on the roof of Tahir Hussain’s house. It is alleged that stone-pelting was also done from here.

Baskets filled with stones and petrol bombs were found scattered on the roof of the AAP councilor’s house. Not only this, a video is also going viral in social media, in which some miscreants are pouring down stones and petrol bombs from the roof of a house. It is said that the house from which the roof was attacked belongs to Tahir Hussain.

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