Coronavirus’ ‘Attack’ on Share Market, Investors Lose Over 3.5 Lakh Crores 

Mumbai : Coronavirus, which has taken the form of an epidemic in China, is now spreading worldwide. Fear is being seen in the name of Coronavirus. Suspects have been feared in many countries including China. According to separate reports, the death toll in China from the deadly coronavirus has reached 2744. China is most worried of this virus. But now its effect is visible everywhere.

The effect of coronavirus is now directly visible on Indian market. Today, the stock markets across the world saw a decline for the fifth consecutive trading session and its effect is now being seen in India as well. The Bombay Stock Exchange’s Sensex has lost over 1000 points on the last day of the week and within a few seconds, investors lost Rs 3.5 lakh crore. The effect of Corona is also visible on the US market and the American stock market Dow Jones has also recorded a decline of one thousand points.
The Sensex is currently trading at 38620.38, losing 1125.28 points. The Nifty is also trading at 11291.05, losing 342.25 points. This is the biggest decline in the stock market since November 2016.
The biggest decline in shares of these companies –
Among the companies whose shares are seen the biggest decline including Pharma, Realty, Metal Index, Bank shares.  According to the report, apart from India, US’ Dow Jones, South Korea’s Kospi and Japan’s Nikkei has also declined.

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