3-Day’s Infant Rescued From Dogs, More Than 20 Knife Wounds Found on Baby’s Body

Rajkot : A shameful incident has come to light in Rajkot, Gujarat. A three-day-old innocent girl has been found injured in a field between Rajkot’s Mahima and Thebachada village.

A group of dogs was carrying the infant in his mouth, when some youngsters playing cricket heard the cry of innocent girl. After that, those people ran and reached there, and saw the infant. After this, those young men pelted stone at group of dogs and saved the girl. They called an ambulance by calling 108 and took the girl to the hospital. Doctors started treatment of the girl immediately.

Everyone was shocked to hear what Dr. said next, according to doctors, after birth, the baby was cut with a knife. She had more than 20 knife wounds on her body. The doctors were also surprised to see such a serious wound on the body of a three-day-old girl. When she was rushed to the hospital, her breath was also stopped. However, after initial treatment, the baby started breathing.

At present, the girl has been taken to the government hospital in Rajkot. There was dust on the body and mouth of the girl. It is believed that her parents may have thrown the baby girl after birth.

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