US Issued Alert For Its Citizens, Prevented From Going to These Areas of Delhi

New Delhi : npnews24 :  The very next day after the end of US President Donald Trump’s visit to India, America has issued security alerts for its citizens living in India. In an alert issued to American citizens, they have been informed about the violent riots in north-east Delhi and have been instructed to be careful. The alert has advised to stay away from the protest areas.

Further in the alert, US citizens have been told that it is very important that you keep taking information about the riots through local media and keep a constant watch on the news of the closure of roads and metro and the possible curfew conditions.

Section 144 is also mentioned in the alert issued from America. It has been said in the alert that the Indian government has implemented such a law – through which the gathering of four or more people with political intent is prohibited. This is called section 144. It has been implemented in many areas.

In the US Security Alert further, American citizens have also been asked to take some necessary steps in view of security.

– Avoid areas where there is a lot of traffic or there is a possibility of road closures or riots

– Do not become the subject of discussion

– Be aware of the environment around you

– Keep an eye on local media

– Follow local administration orders

Apart from this, American citizens going abroad have also been warned in the alert. American citizens going abroad have been told to keep an eye on the website of the US Department of States Bureau of Counselor Affairs, where caution, travel warnings and country-specific information can be found according to the situation around the world.

In the alert, American citizens have also been asked to review the travelers checklist. Travelers checklist contains many job security information for American citizens living abroad or traveling abroad.

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