Nirbhaya Convict Vinay Sharma’s Mental Condition Fine, Plea Rejected by Patiala House Court

New Delhi : The plea of Nirbhaya convict Vinay Sharma has been rejected by the Patiala House Court. The court said that according to Tihar Jail report, the mental condition of convict Vinay Sharma is fine. There is no need to get treatment for his mental condition. The Patiala House Court has asked the Tihar Jail Administration to ensure medical facilities to all the accused in Nirbhaya.

During the hearing on the petition, the Tihar Jail Administration said that the convict Vinay Sharma had broken his head in the jail. There is also an injury to the hand. The doctor has presented the report in the court. The jail administration said that the health of the convict Vinay is completely fine. He has been treated according to the court’s orders. Vinay has not suffered any mental illness. The prison doctor has confirmed this. During the hearing, the counsel for the convict AP Singh told the court why the Tihar administration hid this information?

Tihar Jail lawyer told the court that there was no injury to Vinay’s hand. The radiologist has prepared and given the report. Tihar administration said that the culprits are being checked every day. It is the responsibility of Tihar Superintendent to get medical checkup of the culprits done regularly. The mental and physical examination of all the culprits is being monitored.

Convict Vinay has also talked on the phone twice. He talked to his mother first time, while the second time was with his lawyer. In such a situation, to say that the guilty Vinay is not recognizing his mother is a wrong thing.

The convicts AP Singh said that he was imprisoned on 17 February. 5 people brought the guilty Vinay to meet. Tihar has not given that information in its report. Convict Vinay has schizophrenia disease. In this disease, the patient does not recognize the people in front.

AP Singh got emotional during the hearing. Actually the judge told him to drink a glass of water, then AP Singh said that you asked for water, this is glucose for me.

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