Air India Lost Luggage of Bollywood Actress Kriti, Actress Shared the Poor Experience on Twitter

Mumbai : npnews24 :  Bollywood actress Kriti Kharbanda is known for her films as well as her independent perspective on social media platforms. Recently, this was seen again when she shared a post on Twitter in which she tried to commented on Air India for their negligence.

Some time ago, Air India also came in the discussion because when Indigo Airlines banned comedian Kunal Kamra from their flights for 6 months due to bitter criticism of Arnab Goswami, then Air India also banned Kunal. Kriti and Air India had a conversation in a series of tweets in which Air India claimed that they had sent the lost item of Kriti back for delivery.
Kriti wrote in her tweet, Dear Air India, thank you once again for losing my luggage and maybe you should teach your staff some basic manners.

After this, Air India reacted on Twitter and said, ‘Please accept our apologies. Please send us the reference number of your file and the tag number of the baggage in your personal message. Apart from this, also send flight details so that we can check with our bag handling team.’

Kriti said that ‘I would like to accept your apology but unfortunately there is no trace of my bag yet.  Apart from this, there is not so much decency in your Mumbai and Goa airport team that they should talk to me about it and share the updates with me about my bag.’
After this, Air India reacted and wrote, ‘Miss Kharbanda, your bag is reaching Goa Airport from Mumbai today at 11.30. Please share your contact details and flight details to get the bags delivered so that we can assist you in a better way.’
This is not the first time a dispute between Kriti and Air India has surfaced. In 2014, Kriti had told through a Facebook post that Air India staff had misbehaved with her at Kempegowda International Airport. Kriti had written in the post that Air India staff had talked with her inappropriately due to carrying more goods than the limit of permission.

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