16 People Including Relatives Raped for 2 Years, 8-Year-Old Girl Died

Chennai : npnews24 : An eight-year-old girl died in a suspicious condition on Thursday, who was raped by 16 people including some relatives. This case is from Villupuram in Chennai.

Police said that the girl had been suffering from abdominal pain and fever for a few days. But the police has registered a case under section 174 (death under suspicious conditions) of the CRPC in the case of the girl’s death.

The girl studying in class 3 lived with her mother, elder sister, stepfather and step brother. She did not return when she went to the bathroom on Thursday night. Later, when the mother broke the door with the help of neighbors, she was unconscious. After being taken to the hospital, the doctors declared the girl dead. The girl’s mother split from her husband in 2017 and moved to Chennai. During this time, he had left two daughters with a relative.

When the girl’s mother returned after a year of moving to Chennai, she came to know that her daughters had been sexually abused and raped. After this, the woman went to Puducherry with daughters and got her enrolled in a school. When a girl suddenly fainted at school, she was taken to the hospital. After this, the rape with the girl was revealed. Then it came in light that some people including some relatives constantly raped the girl for 2 years.

On the instruction of Child Helpline, the girl’s mother had filed a case against 16 people in Tindivanam. The police had taken action under the Pocso Act and arrested 16 people. Later on getting the job, the mother came to Chennai with her daughter.

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