Pakistani Film ‘The Donkey King’ Made a Big hit on Global Entertainment Platform, Earned in Crores

Islamabad: Animated films have always been the first choice of people. The computer animated Pakistani comedy film ‘The Donkey King’ has made a mark in the film world. This is the first film through which Pakistani cinema has reached the world stage. This film made on the politics of Pakistan has become the most watched Pakistani film in the world. Although the idea of this film came in the year 2003, but work on it started from 2013.

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Directed by Aziz Jindani, ‘The Donkey King’ was released in October 2018 and became a huge hit. After this, it was released in 7 countries, dubbed in many languages. It became a super-hit with the release and became the most watched Pakistani film in the world. The film broke previous box office records of all other animated films made in Pakistan.

This film is the story of a donkey Mangu. The donkeys are always seen in a simple image. This donkey is also very simple, who by luck becomes king. He later realizes that he is not a good king. As soon as he realizes, he makes many efforts to become good. The film was in legal trouble before its release.

The allegation on the film was that the film had to fight many legal battles even before its release. It was alleged that Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has been mocked through this movie. The matter reached the court, a petition was filed in Rawalpindi and Lahore courts. The matter then reached the Islamabad High Court, where the petitions against the film were dismissed and finally released.

Has earned more than 50 crores

The first Pakistani movie to run for 30 weeks has grossed over 50 crores so far. It was being told that on the second day of its release, it had crossed the one crore mark. Film critics have described it as other international animated films including Angry Birds 2 and Wonder Park.

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