Nirbhaya’s Guilty ‘ENJOYING IN JAIL’, AP Singh Agitated Hearing the Plea of the Lawyer!

New Delhi : npnews24 : The hearing started in Patiala House Court on the plea of the Delhi government and Nirbhaya’s parents to issue a new death warrant on the Nirbhaya case. During this, Nirbhaya’s family lawyer Jitendra Jha and AP Singh, appearing for the culprits, confronted each other in front of the judge in the court room itself.

They clashed when Nirbhaya’s family lawyer said that the criminals in jail are relaxed, playing with the law, ‘enjoying’ in jail and when the death warrant is issued from here, they have obviously legal options.

The lawyer further said that it is very important for the court to decide today whether the judiciary should be allowed to be taken as granted by the convicts or should set a date for issuing a new death warrant. Jitendra Jha, Nirbhaya’s mother’s lawyer, said that if the court did not issue a death warrant, the guilty would continue to enjoy luxury in jail.

On this, the lawyer of the convict AP Singh was agitated and said that since the court opened since January 6 this year, there have been hearings in this case from the Supreme Court to the Patiala House Court dozens of times, then tell us that how we are pending the case?

Lawyer AP Singh further said, ‘Nirbhaya’s family lawyers are saying that we are ‘enjoying’ in jail. I never saw in my 23 years of practice that the convicts sentenced to death in prison enjoy the jail.’

The lawyer said, they are using such language, for those sentenced to be hanged, begging mercy from the President from the court, for them to be told that they are ‘enjoying’ in jail, it is a very funny joke.

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