Coronavirus : Mumbai’s Sonali Thakkar Stranded on Cuise, Said – ‘Get Us Out Of Here’

Mumbai : The havoc of Corona virus which started from China has spread all over the world. A luxury cruise diamond princess in Japan has been kept by the government at Yokahama Port. 219 passengers of this ship have been found positive of Corona virus, of which two are Indians. There are a total of 138 Indians on board the ship and crew.

After receiving such a large number of positive cases, the Japanese administration has kept the entire cruise liner quarantine, but those on the ship who are not infected, the risk of their infection is increasing. Sonali Thakkar of Mumbai is also stranded on a cruise.

Sonali is the security officer on this ship. She has appealed to the Government of India that if she is kept on this ship for a long time, then she can also be infected with Corona. Therefore, the government should arrange to call her and other Indians trapped on the ship as soon as possible. In a conversation with media, Sonali said, ‘Please send a message to those who can help us. It’s been 10 days. We should be removed from here.’

Sonali said that there are more than thousand crew members on this ship. We live together, eat and drink. Who is vulnerable to the corona virus, is not yet known. The people present in the ship should be examined and those who are fine should be kept separate. She said that I have no complaint with anyone, but we have not been able to contact the Indian Embassy. However, she is in touch with her family and her family members are worried for her.

132 Indian crew and 6 tourists on board
Among those found infected with the corona virus are two Indians who are crew members of the ship. There are 132 Indian crew and 6 tourists on this ship. According to Foreign Minister Jaishankar, the Indian Embassy in Tokyo is in contact with the Indians on board the ship, while the Health Minister says that the Ministry of External Affairs is trying to help those stranded in the cruise.

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