Coronavirus : Kim Jong Killed  China Return Officer for Using Public Toilet in North Korea

New Delhi: Everyone is aware of the dictatorship of North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un. In North Korea, death penalty is given even on a small mistake. While efforts are being made to find treatment all over the world to eliminate coronavirus infection, at the same time in North Korea, the victims of the virus are being tortured.

According to the report, a North Korean official was kept separate at the isolation centre on suspicion of coronavirus infection. But this officer mistakenly used the public bathroom, which cost him his life.

According to South Korean newspaper Dong-i-Ilbo News, the man was kept in a completely different place after he returned from China. The officer was convicted of spreading coronavirus infection and violation of rules due to his use of public bathrooms. He was later shot and killed.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has pledged to take action against those who leave Quarantine (a separate place for infected people) according to military law without permission.

According to the report, another officer of the National Security Agency of North Korea was also expelled from the country for hiding the matter of travelling to China.

According to South Korean media reports, there have been many cases of coronavirus in North Korea and many people are also expected to die due to this. However, officials of the World Health Organization in Pyongyang say that they have not yet received any reported information.

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